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We build dynamic software systems that are designed to adapt to the changing challenges businesses face. We are constantly evolving our range of solutions to cater to problems of any size and complexity. We deliver cost-effective applications that are efficient and compatible across multiple platforms and devices.


CLMS (UK) Ltd was established in 1998 with a vision to develop software that can easily adapt to the changing business needs of our clients. It is important to us to design and deliver software that is flexible, reliable and has longevity. Our software evolves as your business evolves.


We approach every business problem uniquely. We use a model driven approach to build our software solutions for increased quality, speed and cost effectiveness. We design models that custom fits your business, automatically generating code that you can test and change with ease throughout the process, ensuring your have an application that meets your needs.

IT needs to deliver business value faster than ever. Software packages with pre-built functionality require significant customisation and may be difficult to maintain. We have a vast experience in developing customised enterprise software across multiple industries with a proven record of successful projects. By delivering fit-for-purpose solutions, we have helped our clients improve the effectiveness of their business processes and operations.

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